Stockholm Centimetre Radio Telescopes

The Stockholm Centimetre Radio Telescope (SCRT) consists of two 2.3 metre dishes equipped with 1420 MHz detectors sensitive to the hydrogen 21 cm spectral line. The telescopes are located on the roof of the main building of Albanova University Centre at Roslagstull in Stockholm.

The telescopes are only used for educational purposes where the students, typically undergraduate university students or advanced high school students, systematically can build a map of the Milky Way and its spiral arms.

It is possible to control the telescopes and do all observations remotely over the internet. If you are interested to run the telescopes, please feel free to contact us.

The SCRT has been set up and is operated through the combined efforts of the Astronomy Department and the Physics Department of Stockholm University.

SCRT numbers

Diameter: 2.3 m
Field of view: 6.4°
Detector frequency: 1420 MHz
Bandwidth: 2.4 MHz
Resolution: 6.8 kHz (1.44 km/s) per channel
Stow position: Azimuth 7.5°, elevation 15.0°
Site location: 59°21' N 18°03' E


  • SCRT East is out of service until further notice due to a mechanical fault. SCRT West is operational. 2023-04-26
  • QRadio has been ported to Qt 5. 2023-04-26
  • SCRT East will soon be replaced with a newer-generation 2.3m OSO "Hazel" system, similar to SCRT West. 2017-09-17
  • New zoom lens installed on the remaining live webcam, offering close-up view on SCRT West. 2013-08-30
  • The SCRT West live webcam is out of service. Please use the other live webcam instead. 2013-07-05
  • SCRT West is back in service 2012-11-28
  • SCRT East is out of order (no elevation control) 2012-09-18
  • SCRT West is now a newer-generation 2.3m OSO "Hazel" system. It can be operated through a new control host Testing is in progress. 2011-04-06
  • SCRT East can also be operated through the new control host
  • SCRT West is operational 2003-06-25
  • The Observation and Analysis HOWTOs were added 2003-06-06
  • The web page is up 2003-02-16
  • The DRP software is installed on 2003-02-10
  • SCRT East is operational 2003-01-10